Anastasiya Kvitko Looks Fierce In Leather Harness & Fishnets

Anastasiya Kvitko has been dubbed the “Russian Kim Kardashian” for a reason and her extreme hourglass figure backs up the nickname. The glamour model put her voluptuous curves on show in a sizzling Instagram post shared with her over 12.1 million followers on Monday and brought some serious heat to the app.

The 26-year-old looked like a total vixen in bondage-inspired lingerie, which she accessorized with sexy fishnets and elegant stiletto pumps. While Anastasiya made her caption all about the shoes, which were from a Fashion Nova design, it was her sinuous attributes that captivated fans’ attention, as proven by the outpour of compliments in the post’s comments section.

Sexy Dominatrix

The exultant reaction on her followers’ part was well-deserved, as Anastasiya gave off sexy dominatrix vibes in a black leather harness that grazed just below her chest. The item was decorated with a massive O-ring detail in the front, which matched the one draping off of her leather choker. 

The bold look also included a leather garter belt that hugged her figure closely. Numerous metallic details adorned the straps running down her legs, while shiny studs embellished the ones wrapping around her thighs. 

Underneath, she wore a sheer mesh bodysuit with a plunging neckline and an ultra-revealing high cut. While the see-through number left her buxom curves completely within view for her audience to admire, Anastasiya made sure to not show more than she bargained for by striking a provocative pose that teased her busty assets rather than exposing them. 

Sultry Window Pose

The Bang Energy model, whose latest promotional video scored over 1.8 million views on Instagram, posed sideways while sprawling out on the floor in front of a large sunlit window. She leaned on her hands and balletically stretched out one leg, raising the other knee as she lifted her posterior in the air. She arched her spine and threw her head back, allowing her tousled curls to flow down to the floor. 

The angle emphasized her rounded backside, which the outfit fully bared along with her thighs and a tempting glimpse of cleavage. Her body cast an undulant shadow on the floor, further highlighting her curvaceous silhouette.  

Bonus Selfie Video

Anastasiya also included a full-body boomerang video wherein she showcased the scandalous look from the front. In the clip, the babe flirtatiously rocked her hips before parting her legs wide to give fans an ample view of her thighs. The stockings sported chic frontal seams that accentuated her long, lean pins. 

The Russian beauty held up the phone in front of her face, displaying the edgy metal ornaments dangling from her leather cuffs. She strategically placed her hand and elbow to censor her nearly-bare chest, leaving fans wanting more. 

Her Curves Have Fans Melting 

Followers seemed gobsmacked by the sultry share and inundated the model with likes and comments. Over 99,570 people double-tapped the post to show their appreciation for the seductive look, while another 1,375 left messages under the steamy upload. 

“WOOOOW babe your body is so amazingggggg,” raved one person, followed by a string of heart-eyes and flames. “Such perfection,” they added, leaving a trail of hearts.

“You be outdoing yourself every time Ana,” penned a second admirer.

“Yoh [sic] look amazing wow,” gushed a third fan.

“Nice first date Outfit,” quipped a fourth Instagram user.